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Laser Whitening Specialist

The Bronx Dental Center

Andrew Sarowitz, DDS

Dentist located in Concourse, Bronx, NY

Take-home whitening systems can provide results in a couple of weeks, but for those who want faster results, laser whitening could be the answer. The Bronx Dental Center offers safe, advanced laser whitening procedures using state-of-the-art technology so patients from The Bronx, NY, can enjoy significantly whiter smiles in just one office visit.

Laser Whitening Q & A

What is laser whitening?

Laser whitening is a type of cosmetic dental procedure that uses the power of lasers combined with special whitening gels to achieve significant whitening and brightening of dull, yellowed teeth in just one office visit.

How is laser whitening performed?

Before whitening begins, a special protective lotion is applied to the lips and a cheek retractor is used to gently hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth so the laser can reach all the tooth surfaces and to ensure the gel is not rubbed away. A protective gel is also placed on the gums and other soft tissues to help protect them from irritation, and cotton balls may be used under the lip to keep the area dry. Protective eyewear will be provided to cover the eyes while the laser is being used. The gel will be applied to the tooth surfaces and the laser light will be directed at the teeth to activate the gel. Treatment is often provided in 15-minute intervals to achieve the desired shade of whiteness. When treatment is complete, the material will be carefully rinsed from the teeth and gums.

Does laser whitening offer better results than whitening kits I can buy in a drugstore?

Absolutely. First, laser whitening is designed for professionals, so the gels that are used are much different from those available in take-home kits. Special techniques are used to ensure the laser energy focuses on all the tooth surfaces – even those typically missed with over-the-counter whitening kits – for better, more consistent results. And finally, laser whitening can achieve great results in just one office visit instead of taking a few weeks of daily treatments to achieve maximum benefits. That makes it an ideal choice for patients whose busy schedules make it difficult to follow longer whitening regimens or for those who need to have whiter, brighter teeth right away. Plus, laser whitening results last longer – from six months to two years with proper care.

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